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  • The 7 best calendar apps for iPhone in 2023

    Additionally, Calendar lets you integrate any other calendars you are using, such as Apple Calendar, Calendar 365, and Google Calendar. What you have on those calendars can now be visible in your Calendar app so you have a real-time view of everything in your business and personal lives. Plus, you can choose to share this information, or part of it, with others.

    • There are several different ways you could get to your calendar as long as you have an account.
    • Google Calendar provides multiple views of your day, week, and month prioritization, guest invites, web access and more.
    • Instead of being a monthly subscription, the premium upgrade for Business Calendar 2 is just a one-time payment that costs less than $10.
    • We’ve already got you covered in How to Export a Google Calendar to Outlook or Apple.
    • Additional features like timeline view and Google Maps integration provide additional advantages for using this comprehensive business calendar app.

    There is also an agenda view so you can see your daily tasks easily. Events, tasks, reminders, and goals can be created in your Google Calendar. There are smooth designs, colors, and transitions in this interface.

    More by Google LLC

    As for sharing-specific features, you can create and share a calendar, after which all participants will be able to view and update it across your devices. This calendar app has a suite of visual cues to help users organize their daily life better. For example, a unique feature called Stacks reduces clutter to visualize how much is on your plate. The more events and tasks planned for a particular day, the higher the stack becomes.

    Regain clarity by placing tasks into Todoist, no matter where you are or what device you use. As a whole, Calendars offers a clean, intuitive design, and the workflow for creating a new event is no exception. The event creation screen prioritizes the basics, so you can add events quickly—or one-tap to add more details like alerts, location, attendees, video conferencing info, and more. The app also offers top-tier natural language processing that rivals the best apps in the category. DigiCal syncs with all calendar servers that are supported on the Android platform.

    Set up reminders to be always on time

    It allows you to plan out your day by creating blocks in a calendar. Business meetings, appointments, events, daily reminders, work blocks, and more can be scheduled and organized through a calendar app. This functionality allows you to manage your life more effectively, whether at home or at work. With a calendar, build a calendar app you can schedule an event, add location and guest information, and customize the appearance of your event. Among the best calendar tools that are part of Microsoft Outlook’s email and productivity suite is the Outlook Calendar. Worldwide, millions of people use it to keep track of meetings, events, and tasks.

    Where are calendars app used

    Lastly, a Zoom meeting cannot be scheduled, or a Zoom room cannot be invited using the Zoom Calendar Client. In addition to Google and Microsoft 365 (Exchange), Zoom supports these accounts as well. Calendar apps can be integrated into them and/or used separately. Color-coding different types of events and enabling notifications can help you utilize Google Calendar to its fullest potential, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, Google Calendar integrates with just about any other productivity app you can think of, so it will readily fit into your existing productivity system.

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    Windows 10 has its own calendar app, which makes it easy for you to track all your appointments, events, and vacations right on your PC. However, if you’re thinking, “I already have a Google calendar for that,” the good news is you can important your Google Calendar into the Calendar app on Windows 10. Plus, the app’s natural language processing lets you enter events just by talking into your phone. The app will even learn your preferences over time, automatically suggesting common locations or attendees. While most calendar apps target busy professionals, My Study Life is different. It’s a calendar app built specifically for students, and it has some features you won’t see in other calendar apps.

    Where are calendars app used

    Drag and drop tasks into your schedule to produce an efficient daily plan.. ClickUp is a free and powerful productivity tool with intuitive calendar features designed for teams of any size to stay on pace, manage projects, and work together—all in one place. Whether your calendar lives on your phone or on your monitor, ClickUp makes task management both easy and engaging. If your iPhone calendar app is a crucial part of your productivity workflow, Any.do is a great option. The app combines task management and calendar features that work seamlessly together—so you can keep track of all the demands on your time in one central place.

    Copy Google Contacts contacts to Microsoft Outlook

    By tracking how much time you devote to your goals, Focus Booster helps you stay accountable. The cross-device syncing capabilities of Calendar allow individuals and teams to manage their calendars, schedules, and time efficiently. You can customize and share your Google Calendar, iCal (Apple Calendar), and Outlook Calendar from a single dashboard.

    Where are calendars app used

    It has an easy-to-use interface, and helps with repeating task management. A calendar app shouldn’t take hours to figure out how to download and start using. Instead, it should offer the fewest clicks and scrolls possible as well as simple navigation and clean interface.

    Key Features:

    You can stay productive by focusing, avoiding distractions, and tracking your time with Focus Booster. Work sessions are segmented into manageable 25-minute segments using the Pomodoro technique. Multitasking and distractions are among the most common time wasters. Thankfully, Serene helps you become more productive in three easy steps.

    Where are calendars app used

    If you’re an Apple user looking for an alternative to the default calendar apps on Mac/iOS, you should check out Fantastical. When you want to schedule a meeting, all you have to do is send a link with a list of times you’re available. The recipient then picks the time that works best for them, and the meeting they schedule is automatically synced to both of your calendars. But, they can find their Apple Calendar by visiting Logging into their account, and clicking on the calendar icon. On the flip side, since there isn’t an app for Android or Windows, mobile users can only get to their Apple Calendar using this technique.

    Best App Development Tools & Software in 2023

    In exchange for the aesthetics and minimalism, there are a couple drawbacks here. You can’t add attendees or shared events within the app, for one. I also couldn’t find a native solution for marking a task as completed. That said, the integration with Apple Reminders is seamless, and Dawn will mark tasks as done if you check them off in the Reminders app.

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